Healthcare Apps on Kezava


Healthcare Apps on Kezava

Patient Access

A challenge of any outpatient clinic operation is to maximize patient access by matching Clinic supply with patient demand.
Kezava Patient Access Management application tracks availability of physicians, nurses, staff, room, and equipment through one dynamic and interlinked resource booking process to create Clinic capacity that matches patient demand. Pre-built and flexible open interfaces make integration with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, time tracking, outlook/google calendars, and devices (phones, tablets) a snap.

Patient Engagement

Ensuring successful surgeries necessitates diligent follow-up by surgical staff regarding vital pre and post-surgery prerequisites. Many patients struggle to fulfill these requirements, resulting in them being denied the necessary surgeries.
Kezava Patient Engagement application addresses this challenge by assisting patients in promptly completing their pre and post-surgery checklists. This valuable tool reduces the workload on surgery office staff while enhancing the probability of patients successfully accomplishing their essential tasks before and after their surgeries.

On-Call Scheduling

Kezava On-Call Scheduling solution simplifies and streamlines the provider on-call scheduling process, saving you valuable time and effort. Through real-time updates and automatic notifications.
Kezava’s on-call assignment algorithm automatically generates call assignments based on providers’ availability, preferred call days, and contracted on-call service hours. Providers can easily initiate and approve call swaps and requests for covering providers, while also making real-time changes to the schedule. Kezava’s solution ensures smooth and well-coordinated on-call management.


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